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LightRip Elastic Adhesive Tape
产品: LightRip Elastic Adhesive Tape
LightRip Elastic Adhesive Tape has a compound of high strength elastic COTTON cloth and special MUCUS coating which allows adhesive properties FEATURES: 1.LATE ...
公司: [ CN] YUeQing Gospel Medical Instrument Co., Ltd
SLE5542 Contact IC Smart Card
产品: SLE5542 Contact IC Smart Card
SLE5542 Contact IC Smart Card 1.Chips: SLE5542 2. Standard ISO7816 ...
公司: [ CN] Shenzhen Xinye Intelligence Card CO.,Ltd
portable blood refrigerators,portable blood freezer
产品: Portable Blood Refrigerators,Portable Blood Freezer
portable blood refrigerators and freezer are special design for transportation of frozen blood platelet. Products Feature: 1.Temperature:can maintain ...
公司: [ CN] Shenzhen Sea World Technology Co Ltd
ultrasonic nebulizer
产品: Ultrasonic Nebulizer
The ultrasonic nebulizer can nebuliz the liquid medication into tiny particles of uniform size,which can be inhaled by patients to treat the diseases.This ...
公司: [ CN] Jiangsu Yuyue Medical Equipment & Supply Co.,Ltd
Sterilization Flat Reel Pouches
产品: Sterilization Flat Reel Pouches
Hefei Telijie Packaging Technology Company LTD. A economical,convenient way to package instruments,swabs and other items for sterilization Reel pouches ...
公司: [ CN] Hefei Telijie Packaging Technology Company Ltd.
laptop Ultrasound scanner
产品: Laptop Ultrasound Scanner
Features: 1.The laptop ultrasound system is ideal for mixed practice, both for bedside use and emergency diagnosis on the spot or under rescue conditions. ...
公司: [ CN] Shenzhen Taijia Electronics Co., Ltd
Home ECG
产品: Home ECG
1. This ECG can be measured conveniently at any time. 2. ECG waveform and analysis result can be clearly displayed on the LCD screen. 3. Latest measured ...
公司: [ CN] Shenzhen Xunfengtong Electronics Co., Ltd.
PM002P: Palmtop Patient Monitor
产品: PM002P: Palmtop Patient Monitor
PM002P: Palmtop Patient Monitor Clear and bright LCD Built-in rechargeable battery, 12 hours run 3-lead ECG, defibrillation protection Audible and ...
公司: [ CN] Expanding Industry Limited
Disposable 3-parts Syringes
产品: Disposable 3-Parts Syringes
Disposable 3-parts syringes Luer Slip tip - 1/2/2.5/3/5/10 cc/ml Luer Lock tip - 2/2.5/3/5/10 cc/ml Eccentric Luer tip - 20/30/50 cc/ml Catheter tip ...
公司: [ KR] Heal + Thy Co., Ltd.
Medical Venipuncture Observation Lamp
产品: Medical Venipuncture Observation Lamp
Application: The principle of Medical Venipuncture Observation Lamp is made according to the high penetration theory of red light. Through the red ...
公司: [ CN] Shijiazhuang Ruinuo Biomedical Material Co.,Ltd.
kidney failure treatment
产品: Kidney Failure Treatment
For the treatment of Kidney Failure, firstly, it should control the clinical symptoms and treat the causes that result in Kidney Failure, such as blood ...
公司: [ CN] Yu Mei Kidney Disease Hospital
Hearing aid
产品: Hearing Aid
our good quality hearing aids wiht the best price.
公司: [ TW] Woey Shern Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Crank Bed
产品: Crank Bed
Made in Thailand
公司: [ TH] Super Made Products Co., Ltd
ICU (Center station)
产品: ICU (Center Station)
1.Simultaneous display with multi 17" monitors 2.Each screen can display 8 bedside monitor's information with at least 3 kinds of display mode 3.Display ...
公司: [ CN] General Meditech, Inc
Infrared light therapy equipment
产品: Infrared Light Therapy Equipment
1.Treatment Principle: The product is based on characteristics that normal tissue and lesions absorbe energy of light irradiation on certain wavelengths ...
公司: [ CN] Dalian Care Medical Equipment Co.,Ltd
Patient Monitor
产品: Patient Monitor
15''TFT display, Resolution 1024*768 6 display interface 720 hours trend data storage, 12 hours waveform review Suitable for adult, pediatric ...
公司: [ CN] Mature Monitoring Device Co., Ltd
产品: Magnetron
GLVAC is the second company could manufacture technology of 2.6MW S-band pulse magnetrons in the world. Magnetron is a type of crossed-field oscillator ...
公司: [ CN] Kunshan GuoLi Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd
Zinc Oxide Plaster
产品: Zinc Oxide Plaster
Zinc Oxide Plaster is a non-elastic, sticky tape commonly used to prevent injuries in the joints such as the knee, shoulder, wrist, or ankle. It is also ...
公司: [ CN] AdvaCare Pharmaceuticals
Deep Heat Therapy
产品: Deep Heat Therapy
We manufacture and supply latest machine for deep heat therapy. Available in model MES 131, this is used for warming the muscles before using slimmer. ...
公司: [ IN] Solution Forever
Bipolar Forceps
产品: Bipolar Forceps
High quality of electrosurgical unit 's accessory-Bipolar forceps, when conducting surgery with ESU unit, the forceps used to cut and coag
公司: [ CN] Beijing Jinhengwei Technology Development Co., Ltd.
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