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Medical equipment Hospital ozone bed sterilization machine
产品: Medical Equipment Hospital Ozone Bed Sterilization Machine
The Ozone Bed Sterilizer (Model: KZ-X-DL1) is an high concentration ozone generator (ozonator) designed specifically for sterilization and disinfecting ...
公司: [ CN] China guangzhou kindhope medical technology company
Anti-decubitus cushion
产品: Anti-Decubitus Cushion
This product is made of flocking PVC materials and equipped with device for filling air,It is convenient to operate,and can prevent or cure bedsore effetively.It ...
公司: [ CN] Folee Medical Equipment Co.,Ltd
LED surgical operation light with CE certificate
产品: LED Surgical Operation Light With CE Certificate
VG-LED0504 Double heads 5+4 lighting units Illumination(lux) 160000+140000 Consumption 200W+200W/12V Weight 72KG Package size 1020mm*740mm*700mm Gross ...
公司: [ CN] Vega Trading (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd
developer and fixer powder
产品: Developer And Fixer Powder
Put the small packaged powder into 13L clean water temperatured at 50, then gradually pour into the bigger packaged powder and stir at the same time, finally ...
公司: [ CN] TianJin XingYang Medical Equipment CO.,LTD
Gauze Sponges/Swabs
产品: Gauze Sponges/Swabs
* 100% cotton * A wide range of specifications in size, ply and mesh * Folded edges to help unraveling * X-Ray Detectable is available. * Ideal for ...
公司: [ CN] Sincere Medical Products Co., Ltd
Holter ECG Electrocardiograph Machine
产品: Holter ECG Electrocardiograph Machine
Dynamic ECG GL8000D Dynamic ECG introduction GL8000D is composed of the ECG recorders, a computer system, a laser printer and the software. The recorder ...
公司: [ CN] Beijing Greenland Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd
three parts of disposable syringes
产品: Three Parts Of Disposable Syringes
we offer three pieces luer lock,luer slip disposable syringes,the specifications are as following: 1.Made to GMP purity standards 2.Available volumes ...
公司: [ CN] Frank Healthcare Co., Ltd
Zinc Oxide Plaster
产品: Zinc Oxide Plaster
Zinc Oxide Plaster is a non-elastic, sticky tape commonly used to prevent injuries in the joints such as the knee, shoulder, wrist, or ankle. It is also ...
公司: [ CN] AdvaCare Pharmaceuticals
Drain Sponges
产品: Drain Sponges
Available in multiple gauze mesh; Made of 100% cotton gauze or non-woven; Available in package in 200's or 100's per paper bag, or packaged in peel-open ...
Scalp Vein set
产品: Scalp Vein Set
double wing or single wing pe or blister packing
公司: [ CN] Changzhou Jinlong Medical Plastic Appliance Co.,Ltd,
laptop Ultrasound scanner
产品: Laptop Ultrasound Scanner
Features: 1.The laptop ultrasound system is ideal for mixed practice, both for bedside use and emergency diagnosis on the spot or under rescue conditions. ...
公司: [ CN] Shenzhen Taijia Electronics Co., Ltd
Disposable syringe (with needle)
产品: Disposable Syringe (With Needle)
Composition: This product is mainly consist of barrel,plunger,rubber piston,hypodermic needle and protective cap. Specification: 1ml,2ml,2.5ml,3ml,5ml,10ml,20ml ...
公司: [ CN] Hongxin medical Treatment Apparatus Co., Ltd.
Prototype making----Medical handheld
产品: Prototype Making----Medical Handheld
Our company's service contain:Rapid prototyping making,CNC prototype manufacturing,Rapid silicone mould and vacuum casting,Aluminum parts machining,Industrial ...
公司: [ CN] Shenzhen Quick Molding Technology Co.,Ltd
Suction Unit
产品: Suction Unit
The InstaVac is an ISI Marked Superior Quality and high performance Surgical Suction Unit designed specifically for major operating theatre use. It combines ...
公司: [ IN] Supreme Enterprises
Fine quality Surgical Instruments.
产品: Fine Quality Surgical Instruments.
We are manufacturers & exporters of fine quality surgical & dental instruments of all sorts. We welcome your queries.
公司: [ PK] Jiffy Craft International
Cool Plasma Electrosurgical Unit for Urology
产品: Cool Plasma Electrosurgical Unit For Urology
Adopting Bipolar electrical circuit to transfer the saline water into plasma, through 100KHZ low frequency electric field,these particles will get longer ...
公司: [ CN] Nanjing medical globle Co.,Ltd
Philips Probe  L7535
产品: Philips Probe L7535
Transducer&probe model: Philips Probe L7535 Part Number: 2135PA Applications: Abdomen, OB Gyn, Urology we offer original new, original ...
公司: [ CN] Everest medical solutions HK ltd.
产品: Defibrillator
ECG: ECG lead:I,II,III, a VR, a VL, a VF, V1-V6 S-T segment analysis: -2.0-2.0mv Protegtion: withstand 4000v AV/50HZ voltage in isolation and work against ...
公司: [ CN] Lonsino Medical Products Co., Ltd
wireless nurse call system
产品: Wireless Nurse Call System
1. System Configuration 1) One calling bell at each bed head. (GDT07W) 2) One calling bell at each bathroom and toilet (GDT08W) 3) One set of Display ...
公司: [ CN] Beijing Yueqi Science and Technology Co.,Ltd.
non-woven sponges
产品: Non-Woven Sponges
dimensions and plies can be produced as per requirements
公司: [ CN] Kingphar MDM Co., Ltd.
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