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Teeth whitening System
产品: Teeth Whitening System
Treatment scope: It has good effect for the teeth that have been stained by smoking or stain-causing food and drinks, such as coffee or tea. It also whitens ...
公司: [ CN] Guo Xiong Photoelectric company
Plastic Disposable Shower Cap
产品: Plastic Disposable Shower Cap
Our Plastic Shower Cap is cleverly designed to leave plenty of room around your hairstyle so it isn't flattened and stays completely dry. Use as a bandeau ...
公司: [ IN] Lata Industries
Dental Floss Pick
产品: Dental Floss Pick
Dear Madam & Gentleman, We are pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the manufactory of oral & healty care in Yangzhou, China. The items ...
公司: [ CN] Yangzou Meihappy Plastic & Rubber Factory
blood bag
产品: Blood Bag
Disposable Plastic Blood bag 1.Category:Blood Transfusion 2.Compisition: It is consisted of hole, blood collection needle, blood collection tube, ...
公司: [ CN] Shandong Weigao Group Medical Polymer Co., Ltd
产品: Charcoal
, Chaoyang District, Yiyang City, No. 3, Crafts & Gifts Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in bamboo products production and sales company. The main ...
公司: [ CN] No. 3, Chaoyang District, Yiyang City Arts Gift Co., Ltd
产品: Collagen
We are one of the most professional manufactory and supplier of collagen powder in China. Quality control: Certified ISO9001 Provide certificates of ...
公司: [ CN] Jiangxi Cosen Biochemical Co.,Ltd
Muscle Building Raw Steroid Powder For Muscle Gain  Oxandrolone /jenny@ycphar.com
产品: Muscle Building Raw Steroid Powder For Muscle Gain Oxandrolone /Jenny@Ycphar.Com
Oxandrolone is both an anabolic steroid and has all the properties of an androgenic drug. The actions of the Oxandrolone is similar to testosterone. But ...
公司: [ CN] Hangzhou Fuluo Biological Technology Co.ltd
产品: Orthodontics,Dental,Dedical,Suppliers,Manufactures
Hangzhou Dentecn Medical Apparatus Co.,Ltd is a specialized manufacture of dental products.we manufacture Orthodontics Products, such as lingual brackets ...
公司: [ CN] Hangzhou Dentecn Medical Apparatus Co.,Ltd
ulatra sonic scalers
产品: Ulatra Sonic Scalers
Our mission To be a worldwide leader in providing the best quality and value in products and services for our healthcare international clients
公司: [ CN] Shenshi Ultrasonic Scaler manufacturing Co., Ltd
Enge Joint Complete
产品: Enge Joint Complete
Product Description Enge Joint Complete helps to repair your joints and enchances your mobility. It contains Hydrolyzed collagen, chondroitin, glucosamine, ...
公司: [ TW] A.T.P. CO., LTD.
Cooling Incubator
产品: Cooling Incubator
Characteristics of standard form incubator: 1. Stainless steel inner chamber; foursquare semicircle transition, convenient to clean; space between shelves ...
公司: [ CN] Qingdao combi medical and laboratory products Co., Ltd.
CE certified underground mining self rescuer, chemical isolated oxygen mining self rescuer
产品: CE Certified Underground Mining Self Rescuer, Chemical Isolated Oxygen Mining Self Rescuer
rated protection duration 60 minutes specification intermediate speed walking>60min, sit quietly>240min size(mm) 186*114*242 weight 2.6kg effective ...
公司: [ CN] Shaanxi Star Explosion Proof Safety Technology Co,. Ltd
Stevia rebaudiana
产品: Stevia Rebaudiana
Stevia rebaudiana or Stevia, a sweet herb.The sweetness in the leaf is due to the presence of an intensive-sweetening agent called Stevioside Stevioside, ...
公司: [ IN] Aaditya Agro
Supersonic Scaler
产品: Supersonic Scaler
Supersonic scaler is mainly used to remove dental calculi, tobacco stains, bacterial specks and tea stains. Compared with manual scaling, it has such advantages ...
公司: [ CN] Zhengzhou Yuanda Electronic Co., Ltd.
产品: HYcap-005
The main products we supply to the market include Coating Aluminum String and Board for pharmaceutical packaging, all kinds of Assembled Aluminum and Plastic ...
公司: [ CN] YangZhou Hong Yun Botter Caps Making Factory
laparoscopic electrode
产品: Laparoscopic Electrode
disposable, reusable,one piece/two piece laparoscopic electrode
公司: [ CN] PSC Corporation
Get a grip safety bar
产品: Get A Grip Safety Bar
Product Description: Detailed Product Description Get A Grip safety bar helps prevent injuries by providing support while getting in and out of a slippery ...
公司: [ CN] Hangzhou Bolv International Co.,Ltd.
children crib
产品: Children Crib
1.High quality carbon-steel is applied for the main body of the frame 2.4 universal casters with self locking devices(various sizes available) 3.Provided ...
公司: [ CN] Hangzhou Dunli Medical Instruments Limited Company
Diminazene aceturate and Phenazone powder for injection
产品: Diminazene Aceturate And Phenazone Powder For Injection
Description: Diminazene aceturate belongs to the group of aromatic diamidines which is active against babesia, piroplasmosis and trypanosomiasis. Indications: ...
公司: [ CN] hebei yuanzheng veterinary medicine co.,ltd
Medical parts
产品: Medical Parts
Mold Wang Precision's primary business activities are the design and development of precision , special structure plastic molds, (gas assist, two shot, ...
公司: [ TW] Mold Wang Precision Co., Ltd.
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