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folding wheelchair, with detachable armrest, detachable swingaway footrest, solid or pneumatic caster and rear big wheels.
公司: [ TW] Top Longmax Products Co., Ltd
Electric stretcher
产品: Electric Stretcher
Drop Frame Backboard Tailor-made backboard can make X film Fixed Ring 5PC fixed rings were designed on the both sides of bed respectively for binding ...
公司: [ TW] Fu Shun Hsing Technology Co.,Ltd
Swivel Castor.
产品: Swivel Castor.
Frame made of Nylon cover, and is equipped with precision bearings, and promote stable and easy to use. This Swivel caster has total lock, and special ...
公司: [ ] Medical Wheel Industry Co., Ltd
Pocket Dental Flosser
产品: Pocket Dental Flosser
Dentists Recommended Easy to Use Economical Hygienic Environmental TOOTH FAIRY Pocket Dental Flosser is a new advanced flosser, providing easy and ...
公司: [ TW] Universal Fairy House Co., Ltd.
Wise Thermo
产品: Wise Thermo
Easy to manage through App automatic installation and memory for storing max.10 user profiles, up to 200 records. Stylish and lightweight design comes ...
公司: [ TW] Aquaways Co.,Ltd
产品: Mask
All kinds and sizes of mask for surgical or industail use
公司: [ TW] Rhinos
Non-woven adhesive wound dressing
产品: Non-Woven Adhesive Wound Dressing
Characteristic Unique stucture, round of corner, firm stick; Not warp; More obedience High absorbality; Not stick to the wound bed; More holes to ...
公司: [ CN] Shandong Dermcosy Medical Co. LTD (Mona)
Safety Box
产品: Safety Box
Sharp Container Certification: BS7320 FDA Material: PP Shape: Structure Standing Usage: Collect Medical waste, Large sharps container to disposal ...
公司: [ CN] Ningbo HSCC Medical Technology Co.,Ltd.
diagnostic test kits
产品: Diagnostic Test Kits
We are sunrising enterprise corporation limited being the largest manufacturer and exporter of diagnostic test kits, the products include one touch blood ...
公司: [ CN] Halson Pharmaceutical
Silicone Foley Catheter
产品: Silicone Foley Catheter
Material: made from 100% silicone Size: 6-24Fr Length: 330mm for child 400mm for adult Balloon capacity: 1.5ml, 3-5ml, 5-15ml, 30ml 2 Way ...
公司: [ CN] Zhejiang Sungood Technology Co., Ltd
 Blood analyzer
产品: Blood Analyzer
Specifications Test Method: Dispersion light nephelometric analysis Test Principle: The highest point on first order differentiation, Percentage ...
公司: [ CN] Medsinglong Global Group Co., Limited
Polycotton Cohesive Flexible Bandage(Sofwin)
产品: Polycotton Cohesive Flexible Bandage(Sofwin)
Sofwin is made of cotton and nylon. It is extremely soft, breathable and comfortable, easy to apply and remove. It selfadhesiveness greatly facilitates ...
公司: [ CN] Shanghai Winner Medical
Vaginal speculum
产品: Vaginal Speculum
Vaginal speculum 1) Material: PS, non-toxic non-allergic non-irritant 2) Size: L, M, S 3) Type: side-screw type, Pull-push type, 4) Sterilization: ...
公司: [ CN] Guotai Med Co., Ltd.
Animal Sperm Analyzer
产品: Animal Sperm Analyzer
Test items: sperm density, sperm viability,sperm motion trajectory, distribution of sperm movement, total quantity of sperms and other more than 30 items. ...
公司: [ CN] Nanning Songjing Tianlun Biological Technology CO., Ltd.
2in1 Body & Surface Thermometer Forehead , 0C~60C
产品: 2in1 Body &Amp; Surface Thermometer Forehead , 0C~60C
KEY STRENGTHS: This IR Mini Thermometer is a non-contact instrument designed to take precise body temperature measurements of a person regardless of room ...
公司: [ HK] Gain Express Holdings Ltd.
Medical equipment machined components
产品: Medical Equipment Machined Components
<p> For in vivo therapeutic effect of the human body surface and not by pharmacological, immunological or metabolic means to obtain, but the medical ...
公司: [ CN] UniSite Group
Zikang Alpha Linolenic Acid Soft Capsule
产品: Zikang Alpha Linolenic Acid Soft Capsule
Our company is a biotechnology company which specially produces high purity polyunsaturated fatty acid--Alpha linolenic acid(ALA) which is effective for ...
公司: [ CN] Zikang Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
medical dry film/X-ray film
产品: Medical Dry Film/X-Ray Film
Konida Medical Dry Film (KND-A/F) has image layer and protect layer on different side of bluish polyester bases, and there are no sensitive silver halide ...
公司: [ CN] Hangzhou Konida Medical Instrument Company(Factory)
产品: Hypoallergenic
公司: [ TW] Medtek International Co., Ltd.
Display instruments
产品: Display Instruments
公司: [ TW] Sensormate Technology Inorporation.
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