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Swivel Castor.
产品: Swivel Castor.
Frame made of Nylon cover, and is equipped with precision bearings, and promote stable and easy to use. This Swivel caster has total lock, and special ...
公司: [ ] Medical Wheel Industry Co., Ltd
folding wheelchair, with detachable armrest, detachable swingaway footrest, solid or pneumatic caster and rear big wheels.
公司: [ TW] Top Longmax Products Co., Ltd
Electric stretcher
产品: Electric Stretcher
Drop Frame Backboard Tailor-made backboard can make X film Fixed Ring 5PC fixed rings were designed on the both sides of bed respectively for binding ...
公司: [ TW] Fu Shun Hsing Technology Co.,Ltd
Pocket Dental Flosser
产品: Pocket Dental Flosser
Dentists Recommended Easy to Use Economical Hygienic Environmental TOOTH FAIRY Pocket Dental Flosser is a new advanced flosser, providing easy and ...
公司: [ TW] Universal Fairy House Co., Ltd.
Enteral Feeding Sets
产品: Enteral Feeding Sets
1.Two types,Enteral Feeding Gravity Sets,Enteral Feeding Pump Sets. 2.Rigid neck for easy filing and handing.With plug cap and strong,dependable hanging ...
公司: [ CN] Ningbo Greatcare Trading Co.,Ltd.
Wrist Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor
产品: Wrist Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor
Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor (DXJ-610) Wrist-Type Fully Automatic Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor Feature: One button operation, Large, ...
公司: [ CN] Xinxiang Golden Elephant Sci & Tech Co., Ltd
Aesthetic CAD/CAM Zirconia all ceramic dental crown
产品: Aesthetic CAD/CAM Zirconia All Ceramic Dental Crown
Product Ceramic advanced crowns are a state of the art dental solution. By utilising various exceptionally strong types of ceramic material it has now ...
公司: [ CN] Zhengzhou Yinsheng Dental Co.,Ltd
surgical glove
产品: Surgical Glove
Product Description CE, ISO13485, FDA certificated Specifications: Natural high quality latex Low Protein Content High strength and elasticity ...
公司: [ CN] Nanjing Shuangwei Bio., Ltd.
Dental Floss Pick
产品: Dental Floss Pick
Feature : 1.Good strength, not easy to break. 2.Help remove the food and plaque that a toothbrush can miss. 3.Help prevent gum disease and tooth decay. 4.Hel ...
公司: [ TW] Miin Yuan Sinmy Co., Ltd.
Digital Three channel ECG machines (ECG-903)
产品: Digital Three Channel ECG Machines (ECG-903)
1.Digital Three Channel Interpretive ECG Machine 2.Designed with a high-resolution thermal printer to print out ECG waveform, annotation as well related ...
公司: [ CN] Shenzhen Spring Technology Industry CO.,LTD.
Aneroid sphygmomanometer
产品: Aneroid Sphygmomanometer
Aneroid sphygmomanometer Nylon or cotton cuff
公司: [ CN] Danyang Welisam Medical Appliance Co., Ltd.
ITS New High Speed Dental LED Integrated E-Generator Handpiece
产品: ITS New High Speed Dental LED Integrated E-Generator Handpiece
ITS E-Generator LED Dental handpiece brings light to dental offices that have been using handpieces those do not have the light on the tip. It has an internal ...
公司: [ CN] ITS dental manufacture
Baby Bath Floating Turtle Toy and Bath Tub Thermometer
产品: Baby Bath Floating Turtle Toy And Bath Tub Thermometer
Introducing the Turtlemeter, the first Baby Bath Thermometer built into a fun and safe Turtle Bath Toy. The Turtlemeter activates instantly in water with ...
公司: [ HK] Faith Up International Ltd.
Oxygen Flow Meter
产品: Oxygen Flow Meter
Oxygen flow meter MP-110 is designed for medical application, such as oxygen concentrator. Customer design is acceptable.
公司: [ TW] Taiwan Measuring Equipment Co., Ltd.
Air Neck Traction
产品: Air Neck Traction
The Q3 Air Neck Traction presents a neck collar designed for the ease of home treatment for neck pain sufferers. Within minutes, the Air Neck Traction ...
公司: [ CN] Folee Medical Equipment Co.,Ltd
orthodontic brackets
产品: Orthodontic Brackets
We manufacture Orthodontic Products, such as lingual brackets, self-ligating bracket, Roth, Edgewise, ceramic bracket, Begg, elastomeric products and ...
公司: [ CN] YanCheng Denrum Medical Apparatus Co.,Ltd
Selector U2
产品: Selector U2
SCALING FUNCTION Provides powerful energy to remove stubborn calculus and stains. Excellent turning control on power supply and waterspray. Handpiece ...
公司: [ TW] Apoza Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Orthopaedic Braces and Supports
产品: Orthopaedic Braces And Supports
We produce all kinds of orthopaedic braces and supports, include Night Splint, Ankle Brace, Wrist Brace, Knee Brace, Short Leg Walker and Lumbar Support, ...
公司: [ CN] Linca Medical
Tooth shape dental floss with/without keychain
产品: Tooth Shape Dental Floss With/Without Keychain
As a professional manufacturer,with high quality and competitive price, our company supply Dental Floss,Dental Floss Picks&Semi-finished Dental Floss ...
公司: [ CN] Yantai Yuguang Ruiliside Commodity Co.,Ltd
Fused quartz glass laboratory equipments
产品: Fused Quartz Glass Laboratory Equipments
Product Description Sizes and technical requirements determined by the customer, we guarantee the quality of the product! We are quartz glass instrument ...
公司: [ CN] Shuyang Aisman International Trade Co.,ltd
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