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Car License capture camera
产品: Car License Capture Camera
Features: 1) Adopt double filter switchable technology 2)Switch to Hardlight inhibition filter automatically at night, can inhibit the hardlight from ...
公司: [ CN] Shenzhen Nova Security Technology Co.,Ltd.
fused silica material
产品: Fused Silica Material
Fused silica is formed by Chemical combination of silica material include good UV and IR transmission, low coefficient of thermal expansion, providing ...
公司: [ CN] Ningbo Lambert Optics Factory
wholesale sport glasses ok sunglasses pyapl accept
产品: Wholesale Sport Glasses Ok Sunglasses Pyapl Accept
Dear friend, we wholesale many items like shoes, sunglasses , hats, jersey, bags....to USA/CANADA/UK.....every day. pls contact us to get more detail. th ...
公司: [ CN] Medi Jordan Xiamen Trading Co.,Ltd
Contact Lens
产品: Contact Lens
We are looking for oversea distributors of cosmetic lens. color lens, Crazy Lens, welcome visit our website and send your interesting items and qty to ...
公司: [ TW] Prowell Corporation
clean cloth
产品: Clean Cloth
Made with special microfiber, towels can be knitted in different styles: color woven, terry, circular knit, pearl, waffle, or double side plush, all of ...
公司: [ CN] Ningbo Yinzhou Tongyuan industry&trade co.,ltd
400x 1.3MP 8-LED USB Digital Microscope Portable Magnifier Interpolation 2MP
产品: 400x 1.3MP 8-LED USB Digital Microscope Portable Magnifier Interpolation 2MP
Specifications - Image sensor: 1.3 Mega Pixels (interpolated to 2M) - Still capture resolution: 1600x1200, 1280x1024, 1280x960, 1024x768, 800x600, ...
公司: [ CN] Bonpal Technology Co., Ltd
high speed dome camera
产品: High Speed Dome Camera
Our video manufactory is one of superexcellent suppliers in video surveillance and image process fields for global markets, specializes in CCTV security ...
Lens carving
产品: Lens Carving
Eyeglasses whether engraving engraved logo engraving carving outside Jieke have the effect of customer satisfaction
公司: [ TW] Hua Yu Technology Enterprise Co.,Ltd
产品: Glass
Daylor has striven to produce reading glassed eyes glasses optical frame and near-sighted eyeglasses for 20 years and won praise due to our stable quality ...
公司: [ TW] Daylor Corp.
cr39 semi-finished lens
产品: cr39 Semi-Finished Lens
cr39 semi-finished lens 1). Material: plastic 2). Refraction Index Nd= 1.563 and 1.499. Diameter: 65 /70mm 3). Coating: green /blue 4).Available Base ...
公司: [ CN] Danyang Hongpeng Optical Co., Ltd
HD Box IP Camera
产品: HD Box IP Camera
Image Sensor 1/4" megapixel progressive CMOS sensor Scanning Systems Progressive Lens Port CS/C mount 3A Control Auto white banlance/Auto gain ...
公司: [ CN] Fly High Technology Co.,ltd
2.4G USB wireless headphones DA-701
产品: 2.4G USB Wireless Headphones DA-701
System: Digital Carrier frequency: 2.404---2.48GHz Modulation: FSK Mode: stereo Distortion:approximate1% Frequency response: 20 - 15,000Hz Foldable ...
公司: [ CN] Lanyinda Electronics Technology (HK) Limited
Megapixel of high-definition infrared camera
产品: Megapixel Of High-Definition Infrared Camera
Our Megapixel of high-definition infrared camera is designed to easy to install and come with 1/2.5 "inch CMOS High-performance processor Compression ...
公司: [ CN] GSA CCTV Security Technology Co., Ltd.
RF module
产品: RF Module
We manufacture various kinds of RF modules used in remote control, we do export and accept OEM/ODMs with high quality, sincere service and competitive ...
公司: [ CN] ShenZhen YiShi Electronic Co., Ltd
casset for radiology units
产品: Casset For Radiology Units
This is special
公司: [ ] Severest98
High Definition Industrial Camera , 60fps, 1024x768, 4movable crosshair lines
产品: High Definition Industrial Camera , 60fps, 1024x768, 4movable Crosshair Lines
Resolution 1024x768 Pixel Size 5.2um x 5.2um Optical Size 1/2.5" Spectral Range 400nm-1000nm Sensitivity 1.8v/lux-sec ...
公司: [ CN] Shenzhen SeeAll Technologies Co., Ltd.
Network Monitoring System
产品: Network Monitoring System
Our brand-new technology, the use of network monitoring systems, than the traditional closed-circuit monitor costs more, can monitor an unlimited range ...
公司: [ HK] SunCharm Hong Kong Limited
Digitalrise Cell-Shaped Digital Video (DV) Cam/MP3/MP4 Movie Player
产品: Digitalrise Cell-Shaped Digital Video (DV) Cam/MP3/MP4 Movie Player
Digitalrise 6-in-1 Digital Video (DV) Camera, Digital Camera, MP3/MP4 (video) Player, WebCam, Flash Storage device, Voice recorder. This Player is compact ...
公司: [ US] KICKSnSTUFF Dot Com
Spherical lens
产品: Spherical Lens
Spherical Lenses have many application ranging from the simple collection of the scaning of laser beams to precise imaging and image transfer.
公司: [ CN] Changchun Ji Xiang Optoelectronic Co., Ltd
CD/DVD  Recoder
产品: CD/DVD Recoder
200-500 color pixels Digital Video camera
公司: [ CN] Sojo Digital technology co; ltd.
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