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Swivel Castor.
产品: Swivel Castor.
Frame made of Nylon cover, and is equipped with precision bearings, and promote stable and easy to use. This Swivel caster has total lock, and special ...
公司: [ ] Medical Wheel Industry Co., Ltd
folding wheelchair, with detachable armrest, detachable swingaway footrest, solid or pneumatic caster and rear big wheels.
公司: [ TW] Top Longmax Products Co., Ltd
Electric stretcher
产品: Electric Stretcher
Drop Frame Backboard Tailor-made backboard can make X film Fixed Ring 5PC fixed rings were designed on the both sides of bed respectively for binding ...
公司: [ TW] Fu Shun Hsing Technology Co.,Ltd
Pocket Dental Flosser
产品: Pocket Dental Flosser
Dentists Recommended Easy to Use Economical Hygienic Environmental TOOTH FAIRY Pocket Dental Flosser is a new advanced flosser, providing easy and ...
公司: [ TW] Universal Fairy House Co., Ltd.
Sizing Balloon
产品: Sizing Balloon
The Sizing Balloon is a 7 Fr double lumen catheter made of PVC. The balloon-carrying segment is angled 45 degree to the shaft to provide a right-angled ...
公司: [ CN] Zhagnjiagang Xinyan Textile Corp.
Blood glucose meter
产品: Blood Glucose Meter
5 seconds time reading 180 memories 0.5 micro liter accurate and stable reading result High qualtiy medical devices under strictly QC inspection
公司: [ TW] Vis geneer INC
ultrasound nebulizer,atomization, ultrasonic metal powder processor
产品: Ultrasound Nebulizer,Atomization, Ultrasonic Metal Powder Processor
ultrasound nebulizer,atomization, ultrasonic metal powder processor Characteristics of the Processor: Ultrasonic Spray & Atomization Processor ...
公司: [ CN] U&STAR Ultrasonic Technology Co.,Ltd
dental unit
产品: Dental Unit
All controlled by electric valve; Plastic pipe,DC motor,Air spring; Assistant controlled system; Air-lock balance system; Brackrest is made of Cast ...
公司: [ CN] FoShan Denteck Co.,Ltd.
Plaster of paris bandage (P.O.P bandage)
产品: Plaster Of Paris Bandage (P.O.P Bandage)
P. O. P plaster of paris bandage Dimensions: -3"x 3yds or 5yds -4"x 3yds or 5yds -5"x 3yds or 5yds -6"x 3yds or 5yds -8"x ...
公司: [ CN] China Nubenco
 Blood analyzer
产品: Blood Analyzer
Specifications Test Method: Dispersion light nephelometric analysis Test Principle: The highest point on first order differentiation, Percentage ...
公司: [ CN] Medsinglong Global Group Co., Limited
Surgical Blade
产品: Surgical Blade
Detailed Product Description sterile surgical blade with fine sharp cutting edge in well sealed packages which provides most safety and least pain ...
公司: [ CN] Wuxi Xinda Medical Device Co., Ltd.
spinal system
产品: Spinal System
公司: [ CN] Health-Joy medical Co.,Ltd
ambulance stretcher
产品: Ambulance Stretcher
The automatic loading stretcher can be loaded and unloaded from the ambulance by one person only. The mechanical foldaway legs are controlled by the handles ...
公司: [ CN] Zhangjiagang Xieeh Medical Apparatus &instruments Co.,Ltd
topical skin adhesive
产品: Topical Skin Adhesive
Professional Products Our Professional Products group concentrates on the development and commercialization of cyanoacrylate products for use in wound ...
公司: [ KR] IntuitiveMediCorp Co., Ltd.
Wireless Temperature kids&patient care Monitor
产品: Wireless Temperature Kids&Amp;Patient Care Monitor
Introduction: With ST-313 in an arm, when the body temperature of child or sickness exceed the upper or lower presetting limit,the receiver will remind ...
公司: [ TW] Kingtronic RF Corp.
EZ Smart - 168 Blood Glucose Monitoring System
产品: EZ Smart - 168 Blood Glucose Monitoring System
Specifications: -symbolic Display -28 test memories -large LCD screen -result in 10 seconds -easy to use -compact & portable -small blood ...
公司: [ TW] Tyson Bioresearch Inc.
stream cleaner
产品: Stream Cleaner
Steam Cleaner a necessary tool for dental technicians for cleaning. It is can be used for cleaning grease, stains etc. This machine has some of the most ...
公司: [ CN] Suzhou Same Dental Equipment Co.,Ltd.
hospital bed
产品: Hospital Bed
Size:2100x950x300/1580mm Total length:2100mm Width of bed surface:1580mm Lift distance:400mm Back folding degree:0-75degree Leg part folding degree:0-45degr ...
公司: [ CN] Coxo
 Vicryl suture with needle
产品: Vicryl Suture With Needle
we supply all kinds of synthetic absorbable sutures PGA, PDO, VICRYL, POLYGLECAPRONE a, Non-absorbable sutures Silk braided, Nylon monofilament ...
公司: [ CN] shanxiang runte medical instruments co.,ltd
Disposable Non-woven 3ply ear loop Face Mask
产品: Disposable Non-Woven 3ply Ear Loop Face Mask
used in clinical ,hospital, housework, gardening and maintenance for filtering dust,pollen, and bacteria
公司: [ CN] V&Q Manufacturing Corporation
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