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Bandpass Optical Filters
产品: Bandpass Optical Filters
1. Only the wavelength that was selected can passed: (1) Bandpass filters with 34~62 thin film layers which vacuum-deposited on substrate. (2) Coating ...
公司: [ TW] ROCOES Electro-optics Co., Ltd.
产品: LENS
We have been also developing various kinds components that from part of certain optical products, such as CCTV, DVD, PDA, Mobile phone camera, Scanner ...
公司: [ TW] Taiwan Zussin Technology Co., Ltd
产品: Lens
Features: 1) The profile lens before mobile telephone LCD, MP3/4, digital camera 2) Materials: PMMA, PC 3) Coating film test: under the normal temperature ...
公司: [ CN] Shenzhen City Hexun Nm Technology Co.,Ltd
产品: Stages
We supply stages like Linear translation stage, Vertical translation stage, Tilt stage, Rotary stage, Motorised rotary stage, Motorised linear stage, Manually-ad ...
公司: [ CN] Ante Laser Co.Ltd
Cleanroom Wipers
产品: Cleanroom Wipers
Microfibre Wipes Manufactured and Packed in Cleanroom Class 10 / 100 Environment Ultra-low Lint and Contaminations Level Ultrasonic Heat Seal Edges Manufactu ...
公司: [ TW] Big Wings Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Octopus stand
产品: Octopus Stand
Tecnical Specifications : CAPACITY: Compact digital cameras & compact video camera CAMERAS INTERFACE: Universal 1/4-20 screw and 3/8 screw SIZE: ...
公司: [ CN] chenranmaoyiyouxiangongsi
Extrusion logo
产品: Extrusion Logo
extrusion LOGO Material:Lead-free nickel silver / Titanium / Aluminium /Stainless Steel ect...
公司: [ CN] Artssmile Optical Co.,Ltd
Toshiba Original SD-128MB
产品: Toshiba Original SD-128MB
Secure Digital 128MB Toshiba Orig at Promotion
公司: [ TW] Prodigy Technology Co., Ltd
Sell led lens / light lens / optical lens / clear lens
产品: Sell Led Lens / Light Lens / Optical Lens / Clear Lens
Model HX-CREE-45 Specification Lens 20.00mm * H13.04mm ...
公司: [ CN] Shenzhen Hongxuan Optoelectronic Tech Co.,Ltd
Optical Engine
产品: Optical Engine
  LCD Panels: 3x0.9"XGA   Brightness: 1800-3500 Lumens   Contract Ratio: 450:1   Uniformity: 90% above   Aspect Ratio: 4:3 ...
公司: [ CN] 3T Digital Projection Technology Co., Ltd.
Automobile Aluminum Headlight Protection Frame
产品: Automobile Aluminum Headlight Protection Frame
<p class="MsoNormal"> <span style="font-family:Arial;font-size:16px;">Our Automobile Aluminum Headlight Protection Frame</sp ...
公司: [ CN] zheke mould technology co. ltd.
slr flashgun ttl trigger
产品: Slr Flashgun Ttl Trigger
Excellent quarlity, outstanding service, competitive price, fast and safe delivery. More orders more benefits. 1. TR-332 is using FSK 2.4GHz frequency ...
公司: [ CN] liguang 2010
Density Filter
产品: Density Filter
An ideal neutral density filter reduces light of all wavelengths or colors equally. The purpose of standard photographic neutral density filters is to ...
公司: [ TW] ETAFILM Technology Inc
power cord
产品: Power Cord
Shenzhen Baifuda Electronic is one of the leading manufacturer of the CCTV Installation System.. CCTV surveillance camera .home alarm and the CCTV accessories ...
公司: [ CN] BFD CCTV system Co.,Ltd
Wireless Flash trigger
产品: Wireless Flash Trigger
VF-901 is using 2.4GHz which is global free frequency.Using FSK system which more stable.Operating distance up to 100m.Flash sync speed up to 1/250s.
公司: [ CN] MeYin Enterprise Co., Ltd
New Wireless Remote Controller
产品: New Wireless Remote Controller
It is really helpful grear for preventing vibration when taking the photos under long time exposures ,close-ups and continous shooting
公司: [ CN] Micnova(HK) Photo Industrial CO.LTD
Q-3428Z Carbon fiber tripod with Monopod use
产品: Q-3428Z Carbon Fiber Tripod With Monopod Use
1. Tripod can converted into monopod, attached with the center column for more height.
公司: [ CN] ZhongShan Seadragong Photographic Equipment Co Ltd
Monarch Patented: Business Card Disc
产品: Monarch Patented: Business Card Disc
Monarch Patented: Nano CD-Card and DVD-Card, Business Card Disc, Blank CD, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW, CDs, DVDs
公司: [ TW] Monarch Photonics Corporation
cr39 optical lens
产品: cr39 Optical Lens
Professionally manufacturing CR-39 optical lens,including Myopia and reading,such as single vision,round-top bifocal,flat-top bifocal,progressive,tint,aspheric ...
公司: [ CN] Jiangsu Green Stone Optical Co.
Plastic torch
产品: Plastic Torch
Plastic injection for plastic parts.
公司: [ HK] Kee Fung Metal & Plastic Manufactory Limited
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