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TWRO REsidentail Reverse Osmosis Water System
产品: TWRO REsidentail Reverse Osmosis Water System
Residential RO Water 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis RO System TWRO Reverse Osmosis RO System is 5 Stage water treatment device which is the best solution for ...
公司: [ TW] Triwin Watertec Co., Ltd.
General Killer(50g / 500g)
产品: General Killer(50g / 500g)
Prevents the infection of parasitical illness of Symphysodon Discus such as Dactylogyrus Chilodonella, Trichodina, and fish lice. Indications: Blackening ...
公司: [ TW] Huey Hung Aquarium Equipment Co.
产品: Adhesive
Hot melt adhesive, super glue, anacreobic adhesive, epoxy...and related applicators. 各類接著劑-熱融膠,瞬間膠,UV膠...及上膠設備
公司: [ TW] Tech Seed Enterprise Co., Ltd.
产品: Compozyme
1. Decomposes organic sludge ( including excess feeds, dead planktons, excreta ) 2. Stabilizes water quality 3. Prevents pond bottom from deterioration 4. ...
公司: [ TW] All Jet Machinery Co., Ltd.
Electric Actuator (OM-7~OM-8)
产品: Electric Actuator (OM-7~OM-8)
Sun Yeh actuators suit for ball valves, butterfly valves, plug valves, and damper, etc., which are widely applied for the control on water level, temperature, ...
公司: [ TW] Sun Yeh Electrical Ind, Co,.Ltd.
Zinc Dross
产品: Zinc Dross
The spec. is as follows: Zn 90-97% Al 0.4-2.5% Fe 0.25-1% Si 0-0.2% Cu 0-0.006% Pb 0.1-0.21% Lumpish - two size of 900kg & 450 kg If ...
公司: [ TW] Pan-Continental Chemical Co.,Ltd.
Calcium Acetate
产品: Calcium Acetate
Calcium Acetate Packaging and storage: 25kg/complex paper bag, or according to order. Preserve in tight containers.
公司: [ CN] Penglai Marine Bio-Tech Co., Ltd.
Hexamidine Diisethionate
产品: Hexamidine Diisethionate
PROANTS HD is a pure Hexamidine Diisethionate powder which as a biocide and preservative in cosmetics sector, suitable to be used in a wide range of cosmetic ...
公司: [ CN] guangzhou chuangbi chemicals co., ltd.
Urea Phosphate
产品: Urea Phosphate
Urea Phosphate Features: 1) Urea phosphate 2) Molecular formula: H3PO4.CO(NH2)2 3) Molecular weight: 158.06 4) Character: colorless clarity columniatio ...
公司: [ CN] Yichang Municipal Pacific Chemicals Co.,Ltd
oval and octagonal ring joint gasket
产品: Oval And Octagonal Ring Joint Gasket
Product Details: Ring No.: Material:304 Shape: OVAL Ring Gasket Standard or Nonstandard: Standard Place of Origin: Zhejiang China Brand Name: GONG ...
公司: [ CN] Chumen sealed parts factory
Manganese Sulphate feed grade
产品: Manganese Sulphate Feed Grade
We are specializing in offering feed additives such as choline chloride, dicalcium phosphate,Betaine Hcl,Ascobic Acid,Manganese Sulphate etc. Manganese ...
公司: [ CN] Shandong feedadditive International Trade Co.,Ltd
black carbon K-354
产品: Black Carbon K-354
Technical carbon K-354 is produced by using the canal method in the diffusive flame at the thermooxidising decomposition of the natural gas. It belongs ...
公司: [ RU] Carbon JSC
Ceftriaxone for Injection
产品: Ceftriaxone For Injection
Each vial contains : Ceftriaxone Sodium USP Eq. to Ceftriaxone 1000 mg
公司: [ IN] Neiss Labs Pvt. Ltd.
Semi refined paraffin wax
产品: Semi Refined Paraffin Wax
Name: Semi refined Paraffin wax Specification: will be presented if needed Package: 25kg/bag 50kg/bag
公司: [ CN] Hebei Bailu Chemical Co., Ltd.
产品: Laurocapram
Product Name: Laurocapram Chemical Name: 1-Dodecylhexahydro-2H-azepin-2-one CAS Registry Number: [ 59227-89-3 ] Molecular Formula: C18H35NO Molecular ...
公司: [ CN] Shandong Tianyu Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.
formic acid
产品: Formic Acid
In the chemical industry, formic acid was used in rubber, medicine, dyestuff, leather kinds industries.
公司: [ CN] Qindao Bierqi Chemical Co.,Ltd.
Generic Peptide
产品: Generic Peptide
Teriparatide, Parathyroid Hormone(1-34),human 98% 52232-67-4 Ocetreotide, Acetate 98% 83150-76-9 Thymosin a1, Acetate 98% 62304-98-7 Hexarelin 98% 140703-5 ...
公司: [ CN] _Shanghai GL Pepide Ltd
Zinc Stearate
产品: Zinc Stearate
It is white flammable nontoxic powder with good smell and with specific gravity of 1.095. It can dissolve in hot common solvent and acid, but not in water, ...
公司: [ CN] Hebei Jingxin Chemical Group Co.,Ltd
filler masterbatch
产品: Filler Masterbatch
Excellent compatibility with PE resin,and it can improve the product rigidity after adding this masterbatch.Besides,it makes no impression on the product ...
公司: [ CN] Xiamen Xinwan Plastic Technology Co.,Ltd
EVa foam
产品: EVa Foam
we can supply all kinds of EVA foams.
公司: [ QA] Jiayuan International Trade Co.,Ltd
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