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Coated Ascobic Acid 97%
产品: Coated Ascobic Acid 97%
assay (VC):97% pellet size :20 meshes (>=95.0% ) heavy metals (pb):<=10mg/kg arsenic : <= 3mg/kg loss on drying : <= 2.0% storage : store ...
公司: [ CN] Hebei Tianyin Biotech Co., Ltd.
custom peptide synthesize service
产品: Custom Peptide Synthesize Service
1.Custom peptide synthesis service: Modifications(from biotinylation to phosphorylation, to dye labeling, and much more) less than 80 residues, quantity ...
公司: [ CN] Chengdu Kaijie Biopharm Co., Ltd
tempature restistant PLA raw material
产品: Tempature Restistant PLA Raw Material
Brightchina PLA offers the strength, performance, and convenience of traditional petroleum-based plastic tableware, but is nature-based and more environmentally ...
公司: [ CN] Shenzhn Esun New Material Company
Dengue IgG & IgM Combo Rapid Test kit
产品: Dengue IgG &Amp; IgM Combo Rapid Test Kit
INTENDED USE The Dengue IgG and IgM Combo Rapid Test is a qualitative test for the detection of IgG and IgM antibodies to dengue virus in human serum ...
公司: [ CN] Jiaxing U-Life Medical Device Technology company
ANSOMONE: HGH/Human Growth Hormone/Somatropin
产品: ANSOMONE: HGH/Human Growth Hormone/Somatropin
Description: Specification: 4iu, 6iu, 8iu, 10iu, 4mg, 16iu /customized Package: 10 Vials/Kit Storage:2-8 degree centigrade refrigerator Product ...
公司: [ CN] Altai Pharma co.,ltd
Trenbolone Series raw steroid powder
产品: Trenbolone Series Raw Steroid Powder
Product(alexn785(at)gmail()com) sustanon Tamoxifen citrate Testosterone Testosterone Acetate Testosterone Cypionate Testosterone Decanoate Testosterone ...
公司: [ CN] Xianju Medicine Co., Ltd.
产品: Boldenone
Boldenone Product name: Boldenone Synonym: dehydrotestosterone;BOLDENON;1-DEHYDROTESTOSTERONE CAS No.: 846-48-0 M.F.: C19H26O2 M.W.: 286.41 Assays: ...
公司: [ CN] Shenzhen Bohui Bio-Technology Co.,Ltd.
Hyaluronic Acid Filler
产品: Hyaluronic Acid Filler
Our company--Qufu GuangLong Biochemical Factory is located in Eatern City, birthplace of Confucius, Qufu with over ten years history. We own three workshops ...
公司: [ CN] QuFu GuangLong biochemical Factory Sales Jin
HYGETROPIN HGH, 200IU/kit, 25iu * 8 vials
产品: HYGETROPIN HGH, 200IU/Kit, 25iu * 8 Vials
We are manufacturers,can supply HGH raw material, IGF-1 raw material, GHRP-6/2 raw material, HCG raw material, cjc-1295 raw material, etc. Can OEM/ODM ...
公司: [ CN] Beijing Runfeng Jin kang biological science and development Co,.Ltd
bio-degradable plastic raw material
产品: Bio-Degradable Plastic Raw Material
Take common plants natural starch as raw material. Good mechanical properties,such as: good intensity, good heat resistance, un-conductivity, oil-resistance, ...
公司: [ CN] Best & Honesty MianYang Science & Technology Co., Ltd
Fingerprint USB Drive
产品: Fingerprint USB Drive
Features: 1) Flash disk integrates with fingerprint biometrics for sensors, for security and privacy use 2) No need to install driver and software 3) ...
公司: [ CN] B & J Industrial (Shenzhen) Limited
cosmetic protein
产品: Cosmetic Protein
Recombinant protein series (7 items) EGF(Human Oligopeptide-1) bFGF(Human Oligopeptide-3) hGH(Human Oligopeptide-9) hSOD(Superoxide Dismutase) aFGF(Human ...
公司: [ KR] BIO-FD&C Co., Ltd.
African Mango Seed Extract
产品: African Mango Seed Extract
The African mango fruit has an edible fruit but the fat burning potential is found in the seed, or pit (African Mango seed), which is called the Dika nut. ...
公司: [ CN] Natural Micron International Co., ltd
Liquid Glucose (Export Grade)
产品: Liquid Glucose (Export Grade)
Product Description: Liquid glucose (solid content 75-85%) Packing: 300kg/drum. Loading: 24000kg/20FT. 80 drums Specification Liquid glucose 85% Descript ...
公司: [ CN] Zhucheng Dongxiao Biotechnology Corporation,LTD
Recombinant Staphylococcal Protein A
产品: Recombinant Staphylococcal Protein A
Packing Details: 1 mg, 10 mg, 100 mg, 1 g Mol. Wt.: 33 kDa Resources: Escherichia coli (E. coli) Purity:95 % Specific Activity: No purification tag, ...
公司: [ CN] HangZhou NeuroPeptide Biological Science and Technology Incorporation, Limited
Biological Product
产品: Biological Product
They will help you collect PCR, viral DNA, whole blood DNA and so on more easily. And the AHAs can deal with all kinds of skin problems. Want to know ...
公司: [ CN] Shanghai Ehoo Biotechnology co.LTD
Clenbuterol Test Strip
产品: Clenbuterol Test Strip
The NKBIOTECH CLEN One Step Clenbuterol Test Strip is a rapid test to qualitatively detect the presence of Clenbuterol in specimens at the sensitivity ...
公司: [ CN] Hangzhou Nankai Biotech Co., Ltd.
产品: Pancreatin
Pancreatin is a mixture which was extracted from the pancrease of inspected hogs suitable as good for man. The pancreatin contains various enzymes. Principally ...
公司: [ CN] Baoding Sino-chem Industry Co.,ltd
产品: Betaine
BETAINE 98%.40% and its salt choline chloride 98%,50%60%70%75% and its salts,
公司: [ CN] Orient Sunin Holding Group Co.,Ltd
Diminazene aceturate and Phenazone powder for injection
产品: Diminazene Aceturate And Phenazone Powder For Injection
Description: Diminazene aceturate belongs to the group of aromatic diamidines which is active against babesia, piroplasmosis and trypanosomiasis. Indications: ...
公司: [ CN] hebei yuanzheng veterinary medicine co.,ltd
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