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Backlit keypad
产品: Backlit Keypad
YuYao ChenTeng Electronics Technologies Co.,Ltd. was established in 2010.We are a professional manufacturer and exporter, who specializes in R&D, ...
公司: [ CN] Yuyao Chenteng Eletronics Technologies Co.,Ltd
Basic Electrophoresis power supply
产品: Basic Electrophoresis Power Supply
Features Output: Automatic switch between constant voltage and constant current. Safety:Automatic monitor of over-voltage,voltaic arc,no load,sudden ...
sildenafil citrate tablet
产品: Sildenafil Citrate Tablet
sildenafil citrate tablet 100mg 50mg in blister or bottle tadalafil tab 20mg blister liquid for men's impotency looking for agent all over the world
公司: [ CN] Shanghai BF International Co.Ltd
Human Interleukin 6 Receptor(IL6R)ELISA Kit
产品: Human Interleukin 6 Receptor(IL6R)ELISA Kit
The kit uses a double-antibody sandwich enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) to assay the level of Human Acylated Ghrelin (AG)in samples. Add Acylated ...
公司: [ CN] GenAsia Biotech Co.,Ltd
long range impinj R2000 Chip UHF RFID READER module four ports
产品: Long Range Impinj R2000 Chip UHF RFID READER Module Four Ports
The products can be compatible with multi-protocol,integrated design ,quickly read, multi-tag read,proof-water, can be used widely in RFID systems,the ...
公司: [ CN] Winnixtech
产品: Betaine
Appearance Grey and yellow Granular Loss on drying No more than 10% Particle size16 mesh No less than 95% Pass FUNCTIONS Improve meat factor of swine ...
公司: [ CN] Beijing Challenge Group
tissue paper enzyme
产品: Tissue Paper Enzyme
Millions of tons of tissue paper are manufactured and used everyday worldwide.  Tissue paper is made from a mix of industrial waste paper, recovered ...
公司: [ CN] Kewei Economic & Trade CO.,LTD
diagnostic reagent
产品: Diagnostic Reagent
We are BioSino Bio-Technology & Science Inc,The largest IVD manufacturer in China.Our main products are biochemical reagent which used on opening system ...
公司: [ CN] BioSino Bio-technology & Science Inc.
Dengue IgG & IgM Combo Rapid Test kit
产品: Dengue IgG &Amp; IgM Combo Rapid Test Kit
INTENDED USE The Dengue IgG and IgM Combo Rapid Test is a qualitative test for the detection of IgG and IgM antibodies to dengue virus in human serum ...
公司: [ CN] Jiaxing U-Life Medical Device Technology company
 Pearl Powder Capsules
产品: Pearl Powder Capsules
Active ingredient: pearl powder Characters: Capsules, which filled with off-white, soft smell and light powder. Indication: This product is for insomnia, ...
公司: [ CN] Hangzhou Huajin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
Auto Chemiluminescence  Immunoassay Analyzer
产品: Auto Chemiluminescence Immunoassay Analyzer
Auto Chemiluminescence Immunoassay Analyzer and Kits
公司: [ CN] Beijing DoubleQ Lab Co., Ltd.
产品: Thymomodulin
We can supply the thymomodulin in the form of powder and solution. Usage:It is applicable to amplify immunity and resist to virus and cancer.It can be ...
公司: [ CN] Hangzhou Huajin Pharma Co.,Ltd.
Clenbuterol Test Strip
产品: Clenbuterol Test Strip
The NKBIOTECH CLEN One Step Clenbuterol Test Strip is a rapid test to qualitatively detect the presence of Clenbuterol in specimens at the sensitivity ...
公司: [ CN] Hangzhou Nankai Biotech Co., Ltd.
产品: Nicosulfuron,Metolachlor,Bentazone,Glyphosate,Triasulfuron,Fluazifop-P-Butyl,Acetochlor,Clethodim,Tr
herbicides,fungicides,insecticides,pesticides,agrochemicals Shenzhen Most Enterprise Development CO.,LTD Email dengwp mostgroup com Http //www agroxim ...
公司: [ CN] Shenzhen Most Enterprise Development Co.,Ltd
Lycopersicon Esculentun Mill Extract
产品: Lycopersicon Esculentun Mill Extract
Powerful antioxidant, anti-cancer: reduce the risk of cancer, especially prostate, lung, stomach, pancreatic, breast, cervical. Colorectal, oral and esophageal ...
公司: [ CN] Beijing Sanlin International Trade Co., Ltd.
产品: Testosterone
Testosterone is a steroid hormone from the androgen group and is found in humans and other vertebrates. In humans and other mammals, testosterone is secreted ...
公司: [ CN] Wuhan Biocar Bio-Pharm Co., Ltd.
Tuberculosis (TB) Chimeric/Native antigen
产品: Tuberculosis (TB) Chimeric/Native Antigen
Tuberculosis (TB) Chimeric/Native antigen Fapon Biotech provide Chimeric/Native antigen of Tuberculosis (TB), including 16Kda and 38Kda, which can be ...
公司: [ CN] Feipeng Technology Co., Ltd
bio-degradable plastic raw material
产品: Bio-Degradable Plastic Raw Material
Take common plants natural starch as raw material. Good mechanical properties,such as: good intensity, good heat resistance, un-conductivity, oil-resistance, ...
公司: [ CN] Best & Honesty MianYang Science & Technology Co., Ltd
Aprotinin, nucleic acids, nucleotides, prostaglandin E1(PGE1)
产品: Aprotinin, Nucleic Acids, Nucleotides, Prostaglandin E1(PGE1)
We offer Aprotinin;PGE1;Polyinosinic acid(poly I),poly C,poly A,poly U,CAMP; IDP-Na2,CDP-Na2,ADP-Na2,UDP-Na2,GDP-Na2,ATP-Na2,ITP-Na2,UTP-Na2,GTP-Na2, Cytid ...
公司: [ CN] Hainan Kaishida Trade Co.,Ltd.
Medical Percidine
产品: Medical Percidine
Medical Percidine is disinfectant of hygienic and medical places/ sterilant of machine and devices Properties: 1- The fastest and most effective ...
公司: [ ] Behban Shimi Co
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