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Electric Actuator
产品: Electric Actuator
Sun Yeh actuators suit for ball valves, butterfly valves, plug valves, and damper, etc., which are widely applied for the control on water level, temperature, ...
公司: [ TW] Sun Yeh Electrical Ind, Co,.Ltd.
caustic soda flake
产品: Caustic Soda Flake
Caustic soda Flake Formula :NaOH Product Specifications: Caustic Soda Flake/solid Specs: sodium hydroxide (NaOH) % (m/m) 96.0 sodium carbonate ...
公司: [ CN] great chang import &export co,ltd of shandong
Zinc oxide
产品: Zinc Oxide
Appearamce: white powder,innocuous,odorless,stable under normal temperature.soluble in acid,alkali and ammonium chloride solution,insoluble in water and ...
公司: [ CN] Tianjin Kemico Chemical Co.,Ltd
Titanium Doxide
产品: Titanium Doxide
Titanium Dioxide 1. Titanium dioxide rutile 98%CAS No.: 13463-67-7EINECS No.: 236-675-52. Appearance: White powder3. Good stability &Good dispersion4. ...
公司: [ CN] Hangzhou emperor pigment Co., Ltd
产品: ShandongHuijinChemicalCo.,Ltd.
Dimer Acid Properties: light yellow, transparent thick liquid, with stable property, non-toxicity, non-volatility, high flash point, high ignition point, ...
公司: [ CN] ShandongHuijinChemical.Co.,Ltd.
snow melting salt
产品: Snow Melting Salt
Function: The product is widly used to deice and melt snow in the region whicj temperature in above minus 15 degrees. Attention: Keep rain proof and ...
公司: [ CN] Shandong Shouguang Songchuan Industrial Co.,Ltd
cationic polyacylamide
产品: Cationic Polyacylamide
Product Description High flocculant ability and good thickening ability. The product can relatively easily dissolve in water to form viscous solution. ...
公司: [ CN] Dongying Lnais Tradng Co,.Ltd
Sodium Carbonate
产品: Sodium Carbonate
Sodium Carbonate ( Soda Ash Chemical Formula : NA2CO3 Total AlkaliAppearance : white powder or crystal Package : 40 kg or 50 kgs net bag, 22/25 tons ...
公司: [ CN] HeBei Kejin Chemical Co., Ltd
Phosphoric Acid (Technical Grade)
产品: Phosphoric Acid (Technical Grade)
Specification Purity: 85% min Cl: 5ppm max So4: 50ppm max As: 50ppm max Fe: 20ppm max Pb: 10ppm max Color: 20 max Packing 35kg or 330kg/pe ...
公司: [ HK] Pan Union Co. Ltd.
产品: Oxiracetam
Oxiracetam Manufacturer
公司: [ CN] Jinan Bolode Chemical Co.,LTD
Caustic Soda Flakes
产品: Caustic Soda Flakes
Packings: Flakes or pearls:25kg P.P Woven bags Solid:200kg/400kg Iron drum,25 mt in the 20'FCL
公司: [ CN] Hebei Hvton Chemical Co.,Ltd
Potassium hydroxide
产品: Potassium Hydroxide
Characters: white flakes or colorless clear liquid. It is one of the strongest alkalis. Flake is able to react quickly with moistrue. Main content: ...
公司: [ CN] Yilike Chemical Co., Ltd
caustic soda flakes
产品: Caustic Soda Flakes
Sodium hydrate(caustic soda)flakes Appearance: white flakes grade: industry Caustic soda flakes 99% Assay as NaOH: 99% on dry basis Chlorides as ...
公司: [ CN] Hebei Yuejiang Imp&Exp Co., Ltd
paper machine clothing
产品: Paper Machine Clothing
Haixing Wiremesh Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer engaged in paper machine clothing. This factory offers brass wire mesh, stainless steel wire ...
公司: [ CN] Haixing Wire Mesh Co.,Ltd.
3A Molecular sieve
产品: 3A Molecular Sieve
made by aluminosilicate. Because of its special crystal structure and 3A length mesh, it can totally adsorb the substance whose diameter is smaller than ...
公司: [ CN] Mingguang Aoxin Molecular Sieve Factory
lithium hydroxide monohydrate
产品: Lithium Hydroxide Monohydrate
it's widely used in the producing of lubricants,chinaware and the other compound of lithium
公司: [ CN] Sichuan Ni&Co Guorun New Materials Co.,Ltd
Caustic Soda
产品: Caustic Soda
Uses : basic and important chemical feed.used as textiles industry,printing,detergent,paper-making,soap-makinmetallurgy,glassenamel,medicament,oil-refining ...
公司: [ CN] Henan Mammoth International Co,Ltd
caustic soda flakes 99%
产品: Caustic Soda Flakes 99%
offering caustic soda flakes 99%6000tons with high quanlity and competitive price. if you are interested in our products,pls contact us hally(export ...
公司: [ CN] Tianjin S&W International Trade Co., LTD
(Glacial)acetic acid
产品: (Glacial)Acetic Acid
(Glacial)acetic acid is one of our factory's products.If you have enquiry,please mail me the details,I'll offer you professional service soon and try best ...
公司: [ CN] Tianjin Partner Chemicals Industry Co.,Ltd.(partner-chem@hotmail.com)
n-caproic acid
产品: N-Caproic Acid
n-Caproic acid (Hexanoic acid) CAS NO.: 142-62-1 UN NO.: 2829 Classification: a) Physical State: Colorless to pale yellow liquid. b) Melting Point: ...
公司: [ CN] Quzhou Hengshun Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd
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